Vision and Mission

The purposes of The Pakistan Poultry Association is to promote and protect all poultry interests relating to production, distribution, merchandising and consumption of poultry and poultry products; to disseminate information relating to the various phases of the poultry industry in order to improve and expand markets; to increase efficiency in production and marketing; to encourage and support research in production and marketing of poultry; and to encourage and support youth programs in poultry work. Poultry Industry of Pakistan is making a tremendous contribution in bridging the gap between supply and demand of meat protein. With the continuous depletion of supply of red meat, poultry is the cheapest available animal protein source for our masses and as such is an effective check upon the spiraling animal protein prices.

Future – Vision 2025

Broiler Parent Stock 19.5 millions
Broiler Day Old Chicks 1.95 billions
Broiler Marketed 1.75 billions
Broiler sector will grow at an average of 5% per annum. It can grow up to 10% per annum if the GDP grows at 6-8% per annum.
Layer sector is expected to grow at 3% per annum.
Layer sector can grow 5-7% if the GDP grows at 6-8%.
Layer Parent Stock 0.87 millions
Table Egg 13.3 billions
Feed to be consumed 10 million Tons