Early Days of Its Creation

Commercial Poultry  was initially introduced in Pakistan by M/S Shaver’s of Canada with the help of PIA in 1962.The idea of Pakistan Poultry Association was floated by a few poultry farmers and efforts were made to create it in 1979. It is a matter of pleasure now that an upshot of their dream came out as a 2nd largest industry of Pakistan. It was just because of day and night untiring hard work of a few leaders, that poultry sector developed   rapidly and its growth rate went 15 to 20% annually in our country. A just few personalities were the Pioneers; those were Mr. Salahuddin (Late), who organized a Pakistan Poultry Board. The first and last chairman of the Board was Executive Director (then) of PIA Shaver Major (Retd) Muhammad Anwar (Late). Mr. Salahuddin, Mr. Khalil Sattar, Mr.Yousaf Ehsan Khokhar, Mr. Muzahar, Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Chaudhary, Mr. Afsar Qadri (Late) and Sardar Abdul Hameed Nakai were the   members of the board.

In 1979 Poultry board could not work properly and in its very initial days faced a lot of mis-understandings and   criticism of the members, therefore   poultry board was dissolved.   After that, Mr. Salahuddin and Mr. Khalil Sattar put down the Foundation stone of Pakistan Poultry Association and they became founders of the PPA in 1980. Other Members were:-

a. Mr. Muhammad Afsar Qadri (Sindh)
b. Mr. Muzahar (Sindh)
c. Mr. Abdul Hameed Khan (Sindh)
d. Haji Fasih Uddin (Sindh)
e. Mr. Tahir (Balochistan)
f. Mr. Yousaf Ehsan Khokhar (Punjab)
g. Mr. Nasrullah (Punjab)
h. Sardar Abdul Hameed Nakai (Punjab)
i. Haleem Dil Khan (Punjab)
j. Rana Sajjad Haider (Punjab)
k. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Chaudhar (Punjab)
l. Mian Mumtaz A Sheikh (Punjab)
m. Haji Muhammad Abdullah (Punjab)
n. Rana Nawaz (Punjab)

Status of Industry in 1980

The above members worked very hard, did their best in the development of the poultry sector, and streamlined the working of the Pakistan Poultry Association properly. There were only two Feed Mills in the entire country at that time. One was Lever Brother’s feed Mill and the other was the Pak Feed Industry. Afterwards, Al-fateh Feeds at Faisalabad and Aftab Feeds in Sindh (Mehran Feeds) came into being. At that time Farmers were not interested in buying the feed made by mills, most of them used to purchase the ingredients (Raw Materials) and after home mixing, it was preferred to consume. In Layer Breeding, the breeder of ARBORACERS was with Commander Afzal and the Breeder of SHAVER was with PIA Shaver.

First of all, in Pakistan, the credit of bringing the Broiler Breeder goes to  Commander Afzal, who imported the broiler breeder of ARBORACERS After wards Syed Tariq Ali of Packages imported HI-BREED and introduced it to the farmers.

Development of Poultry Industry

Layer farming work was mostly undertaken in the private sector. Saith Sarwar then, Secretary Live Stock and Dairy Development Department, Government of Punjab, made the effort to start a broiler in Pakistan. Dr. Wahab Khan, Dr. Inaam, and Dr. Muhammad Salim Qureshi (Late) contributed their services to the existence and strengthening of the Poultry Association. They got sanctioned subsidies, exemption of taxes on poultry from the government of Pakistan and extended their maximum cooperation to this sector. But the industry brazen out a lot of challenges/Adversaries, which were set against the broiler and Farmi eggs. Religious Teachers (Maulvies) of our country also opened a front against the farm chicken and egg and declared it as Hiram to consume. Farmers had to discard this viewpoint; hence they faced a lot of difficulties to introduce the broiler and eggs to the general public. Farmers took the initiative to undertake free distribution to homes of the general public and especially the residences of religious teachers (Maulvis). It proved to be Most supportive in changing the opinion of the public therefore graph of adversity of broiler and eggs turned downwards and criticism was condensed up to some extent.

Rates of Poultry Products

At that time in 8 weeks, only 3 pounds of weight could be obtained from the broiler. Early years were not suitable for layer farming because MARIX VACCINE was not being provided and layer flocks had to suffer from the diseases. One day-old chick of the layer was sold @ Rs.2.00 and the price of feed was Rs.26 to 30 per bag. Vaccination of ND and Foul pox to the Layer and only ND to broiler was carried out. One day old Chick was marketed @ Rs. 00.90 (14 ANNA), and the rate of Egg BOX was Rs.60 to 120. Cull Bird was sold @ Rs.6.00 and broiler meat was sold @ Rs.6.00 per sair. Maximum work of marketing was carried out by the veterinarians. Therefore the poultry industry kept on growing speedily and getting strengthened day by day.

Elected Chairman of PPA

 The following leaders were elected as Central chairmen in the initial days and they performed their responsibilities extremely well:-

Sr#. Name Zone Year
a Mr. Khalil Sattar (Sindh) 1979-81 Two Tenures
b Sardar Abdul Hameed Punjab 1981-82
c Mr. Ibn-e-Abbas Balochistan 1982-83
d Major (Retd) Mumtaz Khan Sarhad 1983-84
e Syed Muzahar Hussain Abadi Sindh 1984-85
f Nawbzada Halim Dil Khan Pun jab 1985-86
g Mr. Afsar Qadri Balochistan 1986-87
h Capt (pilot) Siddik Malik Sarhad 1987-88
i Syed Muzahar Hussain Abadi Sindh 1988-89
j Mr.M.Yousaf Ehsan Khokhar Punjab 1989-90
k Mr. Abdul Hameed Khan Balochistan 1990-91
l Mr. Sajid Mumtaz Khan Sarhad 1991-92
m Mr. Khalil Sattar Sindh 1992-93
n Dr. Muhammad Sadiq Punjab 1993-94
o Mr. Afsar Qadri Balochistan 1994-95
p Capt(pilot) Siddik Malik Sarhad 1995-96
q Mr. Mueen Ahsanuddin Sindh 1996-97
r Dr. Muhammad Aslam Punjab 1997-98
s Mr. Afsar Qadri Balochistan 1998-99
t Capt(pilot) Siddik Malik Sarhad 1999-2000
u Mr. Khalil Sattar Sindh 2000-01
v Dr. Muhammad Amjad Punjab 2001-02
w Mr. Afsar Qadri Balochistan 2002-03
aa Mr.M.Yousaf Ehsan Khokhar Sarhad 2003-04
bb Mr. Khalil Sattar Sindh 2004-05
cc Mr. Raza Mehmood Khursand Punjab 2005-06
dd Mir Tahir Zaidi Balochistan 2006-07
ee Mr. Abdul Basit NWFP 2007-08
ff Mr. Khalil Sattar Southern Zone 2008-09
gg Dr. Muhammad Aslam Northern Zone 2009-10
hh Mr. Khalil Sattar Southern Zone 2010-11
ii Dr. Hassan Sarosh Akram Northern Zone 2011-12
jj Mr. Khalil A.Sattar Southern Zone 2012-13
kk Dr. Muhammad Aslam Northern Zone 2013-14
ll Major (R) Ahmed Waseem Southern Zone 2014-15
mm Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik Northern Zone 2015-16
Nn Mr. Khalil A.Sattar Southern Zone 2016-17
OO Dr. Muhammad Aslam Northern Zone 2017-18
Pp Mr. Khalil A.Sattar Southern Zone 2018-19
Qq Dr. Muhammad Aslam Northern Region 2019-20
Rr Mr. Khalil A.Sattar Southern Zone 2020-21
Ss Dr. Rana Sajjad Arshad Northern Region 2021-22

Problems Confronted Disease Control

 The expedition of the Poultry Sector, it confronted with the most awful circumstances many times. In 1988 a disease named Hydropericardium Syndrome spread all over the country and just ruined poultry farms. We salute the scientist of the poultry industry, because they invented vaccines themselves, against the Hydro syndrome and till today there is no danger of this disease.

Oppressive Taxes

Initially Sales Tax was imposed on poultry sector, which was exempted after an effective agitation and proving unity by the association. After that following taxes were also imposed on poultry business community, which were irrational and unreasonable. Poultry farmers were being pressed hard to pay the taxes by the Town/Tehsil Municipal Administrations. PPA achieved exemption and reduction of the following taxes as mentioned below:-

a Building Plans approval Fee is Rs.5.00 per Sq Ft – Reduced to Rs. 1 per Sq Ft
b No Objection Certificate Fee is Rs.5.00 per Sq Ft – Exempted
c License Fee is Rs.20,000.00 per Farm – Exempted
d Malba Fee is Rs.3.00 per Sq Ft – Exempted
e Development Charges are Rs.5,000.00 per kanal – Exempted
Professional & Property Tax as per Schedule

Marriage Ordinance of Food Ban

In 1992 Ordnance was passed and food was banned in the marriage functions. Resultantly demand for broilers suddenly reduced and the market faced an acute slump. Again members of the industry got united and came on the roads to make the government realize that injustice is being done to the industry. In 2004 again food was banned at wedding functions. Leaders of the industry again tried their hard to get relief from the government by getting the ordnance amended and the withdrawal of the food ban. It is a   major hurdle in the growth of the poultry industry, for which a letter to Mr. Sikandar Hayat Bosan, Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture & Livestock, has already been written requesting the minister, to allow survival of the poultry industry and to allow National economy to grow.
During budget year 2006/2007 the problem was resolved and permission of one disch by the supreme court/cabinet was granted.

Outbreak of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu Rumor) 2004

Avian Influenza outbreak in commercial layers was first recorded in various towns of   Karachi. A study was carried out by microbiologists and research was completed on “Epidemiology of Avian Influenza H7 outbreak in Karachi” after completing the survey of the poultry farms, as per findings, Avian Influenza of low pathogenicity was noticed during the first nine months of the year 2003, from November 2003 onward a highly pathogenic Avian Influenza (AI) virus attacked layer flocks. According to the seasonal incidence in commercial layers, as many as 6 outbreaks occurred during February-March 2003, which is 14.63 percent of the total incidents. Five outbreaks were recorded during April-June 2003, which were 12.19 percent. During July-September 2003, 3 outbreaks were registered, which is 7.30 percent, while 27 outbreaks were recorded during October-December 2003 showing 65.85 percent of the total outbreaks. During December 2003, 26 different outbreaks were recorded from all over Karachi, with heavy mortality. Daily mortality averaged 4 to 10 percent almost in all cases. The youngest infected age group was 5 to 7 weeks but major losses occurred in older flocks of 40-60 weeks of age, while the oldest aged birds were 133 weeks (Molted Flock). According to the findings of the study (AI) viruses may occur through some contaminated vaccine because of the fact that a certain type of ND vaccine is commonly and more frequently used in Layer Flocks. Such incidences have been reported previously in medical history on many occasions.

 Avian Influenza is presently a worldwide problem and has been reported in USA, Belgium, Holand, Mexico, and Australia besides Pakistan involving various serotypes of influenza virus in chicken. It is an H5 type, which has been responsible for recent outbreaks in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan, killing both chicken and human patients. Our present losses are due to H7 but we have also titers of H9. It was also noticed that the local press reported the incidence of some “Avian Influenza” in children in Karachi but the type of virus had not been indicated. The Public Health Department failed to highlight the issue except for a statement by the Pakistan Medical Association, which created un necessary panic in the public. Afterward both the medical and veterinary concerned departments investigated the problem and it was revealed that H7 and H9 viruses are not harmful to human health. The total loss in Karachi due to the recent outbreak caused by H7 was 3.5 Million.
Again on 26th February 2006, it was announced by the government of Pakistan that there is an H5N! stain present in the country, therefore, industry sustained a loss of about 20 Billion and rerevised after 4-6 months.

Upgradation of PPA Punjab Zone

The office of the PPA (Punjab Zone) was upgraded by appointing an Army Officer (retired) Major Syed Javaid Hussain Bukhari, as Secretary of Punjab Zone, who is looking after office affairs efficiently since September 2002. All activities of the industry are coordinated by this office having close liaison with the Central Office of PPA and government agencies. Pakistan Poultry Association (Punjab Zone) has proved its worth and its growth rate went up substantially.   Now this office is working very smoothly and just like a secretariat office and enjoying very cordial relations with all government offices, related to livestock and poultry. This has definitely minimized the problems of the industry by making close coordination with the government office.

 Pakistan Poultry Association always cooperated with the government of Pakistan and maintained very close contact. That’s why the association received respect from all government quarters. Its activities are always appreciated by the government which is constantly made for the welfare of the general public. The association is busy providing poultry products to the masses at cheap and affordable rates.

Organization of Poultry Advisory Boards

The association faced many problems at all levels and there was a need to organize the Poultry board on province and federal levels. Therefore Poultry Association made efforts to establish the boards and ultimately succeeded in organizing the provincial poultry advisory board and federal poultry advisory board by the Government of Punjab and the Government of Pakistan respectively. Meetings of the boards are regularly held and these boards are working for the development of the poultry by solving the problems of the industry,

Re-Organization of Central/Zonal Executive Bodies

Pakistan Poultry Association was reorganized in 1988 and undertook its smooth functioning under the elected bodies. Elections are now being conducted annually in the month of September every year. The following leaders were elected as chairmen of the Pakistan Poultry Association (Punjab Zone) in 1988 and all leaders did well during their tenure. The priority of every chairman remained to keep the flag of PPA high, by serving better to the nation. In 2007 New Ordinance was issued and Punjab Zone was re-designated as PPA (Northern Zone):-

1 Sardar Abdul Hamid 1980-81& 81-82 Twice
2 Mr. Ejaz Hussain 1982-83
3 Mr. Sajjad Haider Rana 1983-84
4 Nawabzada Halim Dilkhan 1984-85 &85-86
5 Mr. Masood Ullah Sheikh 1986-87
6 Mr. Naslullah Sheikh 1987-88
7 Mr. M. Yousaf Ehsan Khokhar 1988 To 1990
8 Dr. Muhammad Aslam 1990 To 1991 &91-92 Twice
9 Dr. Muhammad Amjad 1992 /93
10 Dr. Muhammad Sadiq 1993 To 1994
11 Mian Mumtaz A. Sheikh 1994 To 1995
12 Dr. Ch: Abdul Ghafoor 1995-96
13 Mr. M. Yousaf Ehsan Khokhar 1996-97
14 Dr. Muhammad Aslam 1997-98
15 Mr.Raza Mehmood Khursan 1998 To 1999
16 Mr.Khalid Salim Malik 1999 To 2000
17 Dr. Ch: Abdul Ghafoor 2000-21
18 Dr. Muhammad Amjad 2001/2002
19 Qazi Muhammad Akbar 2002 To 2003
20 Mr. Abdul Basit 2003 To 2004
21 Dr. Hassan Sarosh Akram 2004 To 2005
22 Mr. Raza Mehmood Khursand 2005 To 2006
23 Mr. Shahid Mehmood Dar 2006-2007
24 Mr. Abdul Haye Mehta 2007-2008
25 Mr. Khaleeque Arshad 2008-2009
26 Raza Mehmood Khursand (NR) 2009-2010
27 Mr. Abdul Haye Mehta (NR) 2010-2011
28 Dr. Arshad Hanif Ch. (NR) 2011-2012
29 Dr. Ghulam Mehboob (NR) 2012-2013
30 Raza Mehmood Khursand (NR) 2013-2014
31 Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal (NR) 2014-2015
32 Rai Mansab Ali Kharl (NR) 2015-2016
33 Dr. Abdul Karim (NR) 2016-2017
34 Dr. Arshad Hanif Ch (NR) 2017-2018
35 Ch. Muhammad Nusrat Tahir (NR) 2018-2019
36 Ch. Muhammad Fargham (NR) 2019-2020
37 Raja Attique Ur Rehman Abbsai (NR) 2020-2021
38 Dr. Abdul Karim (NR) 2021-2022

Silver Jubilee Year of PPA

Pakistan Poultry Association has become 25 years old. And we are celebrating the year 2005 as the Silver Jubilee year. It is just the blessing and kindness of Allah Almighty and definitely the efforts of the all leaders, who did their best for its development. All have rendered their dedicated services for its expansion by working day and night. We always pray that may God Almighty bestow his blessing and compassion on the Poultry industry of Pakistan to keep it growing and getting more strength in the coming days.


Mr. Khalil Sattar emphasized that for lobbying and resolution of the PPA problems central office should be shifted to Islamabad as soon as possible. he added and running expenses of the office, funds are required to be generated. Haji Muhammad Bashir was invited to advise the house, on how to raise funds for the above purpose. Haji Muhammad Bashir proposed that at least 20 Lac per annum would be required for running expenses of the Central Secretariat, i.e. salaries and transportation of the secretary/staff. In addition to that, for lobbying more amounts would be required. After a detailed discussion by the house finally, it was decided that:-

 Central Secretariat would immediately be shifted from Karachi to Islamabad on rented accommodation.
b.    Dr. Bashir Mahmood Bhatti would be appointed as Central Secretary of PPA.
c.    A Suzuki Car (Cultus) will be purchased for the conveyance of the Central Secretary.
d.    An Account for Central Office would be opened in Standard Chartered Bank, Diplomat Enclave Branch Islamabad, in the Name of Pakistan Poultry Association. Chairman PPA, Mr. Raza Mehmood Khursand, Convener Central Office Standing Committee Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, and Central Secretary Dr. Bashir Mehmood Bhatti would be the signatories to operating the account.
e.    Rs.24,79,139.00 (Rs. Twenty-four Lac, Seventy-Nine thousand, One Hundred and Thirty Nine only) are balanced in PPA’s account,   raised against bird flu rumors,  will be transferred into the account of Central Office Islamabad.
f.    In addition to that Rs.17 Lacs, i.e. Rs.01 Lac per head would be remitted to PPA’s account of Central office Islamabad by 17 Companies.

The above decisions were highly appreciated by the house. Therefore it was proposed by Dr. Arshad Hanif, seconded by Mr. Khalid Salim Malik and the house approved the proposals unanimously that the Central office be immediately shifted to Islamabad.

Mr. Raza Mehmood Khursand was very delighted while expressing the shifting and establishment of the Central Office of PPA in Islamabad. Besides mentioning the advantages of shifting the central office to the capital area, Mr. Chairman said that PPA (Punjab Zone) was also renovated/upgraded during his tenure as Chairman PPA (Punjab Zone) and again God has given the opportunity to him to establish PPA Central Office at Islamabad. He said that efforts are being put to facilitate the industry and members of the Pakistan Poultry Association. All members highly appreciated the efforts made by the chairman PPA, initially for the selection of accurate place, provision of staff, and finally the fulfillment of allied necessities of the office.

A high-level joint meeting of the Pakistan Poultry Association, Experts from the MINFAL Government of Pakistan, and Scientists of the National Reference Laboratory Islamabad were held at Serena Hotel, Islamabad on 16th November 2005.   It was confirmed by the Experts from National Reference Laboratory, Islamabad, and private laboratories that Pakistan is free from Avian Influenza or Bird flu (H5N1). The Government has already imposed a ban on the import of poultry and its products from affected countries.  In the meeting, it was disclosed that laboratories are testing the samples and issuing reports on a weekly basis regularly.   There is no evidence of any virus of Avian Influenza in Pakistan. It was, however, emphasized that monitoring and surveillance both in public and private sectors be strengthened.  Mr. Chairman stressed the need that farmers must give special attention to the biosecurity of the farms.
sion of House No.24-R Johar Town, For PPA (Northern Zone) Office

Thank God, we have achieved the goal Under the able chairmanship of Mr. Abdul Haye Mehta, the office building committee succeeded to purchase a House of 1 x Kanal area at Johar Town. It could become possible because of the untiring efforts of Haji Muhammad Bashir, Patron In Chief PPA and Convener Office Building committee. The entire Poultry industry generously contributed towards this fund.  The inaugural ceremony of the new office of PPA (Northern Zone was arranged on 25th October 2008. To appreciate the efforts of the Patron In Chief and Chairmen of PPA, a resolution was also passed by the Zonal Executive Committee of PPA (Northern Zone). Member ZEC  Dr. Mustafa Kamal proposed Chaudhary Muhammad Azmat seconded and the House approved the following resolution unanimously:-

“Be it resolved and is hereby resolved that untiring efforts of Haji Muhammad Bashir,  Mr. Abdul Basit, Mr. Abdul Hate Mehta, and the members of the committee   put to purchase House No. 24-R located at Johar Town Lahore are highly appreciated “

Mr. Muhammad Khaleeque Arshad along with, Major (Retd) Secretary PPA Northern Zone) and the newly elected ZEC  took over the Secretariat office of  (Northern Zone) on 1st December 2008 and executed the duties with effect from the same date.

Contribution for IDPS to Mr. Shehbaz Shareef Chief Minister of Punjab

On 16th June, 2009 A high level delegation of PPA headed by Haji Muhammad Bashir Patron In Chief PPA, met with Mian Shehbaz Shareef, Chief Minister Pubjab and handed over a cheque of Rs.8.400 Millions in CM’s Releif Fund for rehabilitation of Displaced people of Swat.  Mr. Khalil Sattar Chairman PPA, Muhammad Khaleeque Arshad Chairman PPA (Northern Zone), Dr. Muhammad Aslam and Mr. Abdul Basit, Former Chairmen PPA, Dr. Anwer Mehmood Randhawa Convener Standing Committee PPA, Dr. Ghulam Mehboob Member ZEC and Major (Retd) Syed Javaid Hussain Bukhari, Zonal Secretary PPA also accompanied the delegation.

 Mr. Abdul Basit former Chairman PPA presented a memorandum to  Mian Shehbaz Shareef, having all details of problems of poultry sector. He requested the Chief Minister to resolve the problems of this sector to control the cost of production of poultry products, so that an affordable chicken meat and eggs could be provided to the masses. Mr. Basit  stressed upon the following problems to be resolved:-

Nation Poultry Congress and Exhibition 2009

 11th National Poultry Congress and Exhibition 2009 was organized  by  Pakistan Poultry Association on 7th & 8th August, 2009 in Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. Mr. Abdul Haye Mehta was given the responsibility of Chief Organizer of the Congress and the job was distributed amongst   the Convenors Organizing Committees, by making different Sub Committees. 54 stalls were established in Emerald  & Crystal Halls and about 3000 participants attended the congress & exhibition. A very informative seminars for two days was arranged in which top rank scholars & Scientists delivered Lectures on different topics  for education of the  Veterinarians and poultry farmers. The exhibition  was set exceptionally well arranged by the Exhibition committee, which was  equipped with all kind of medicine , information regarding farming and equipment required for the farming.


Poultry industry is playing an effective role in protecting the interests of poultry sector and seeking the resolution of the problems confronting the poultry industry. Pakistan Poultry Association was formally organized in 1979 and carries a strong platform for the poultry industry and it is worthwhile to know that poultry industry developed its own, without any significant help/assistance of government of Pakistan. Punjab being the biggest centre of poultry, the Zonal Executive Committee of PPA (Punjab Zone) not only took every possible measures to resolve   problems being faced by the poultry sector of the Punjab but in close coordination with the Central Executive Committee of Pakistan Poultry Association, also invites the attention of the Federal Government to the plight of poultry sector of the country effectively. Poultry Industry of Pakistan is making a tremendous contribution in bridging the gap between the supply and demand of meat protein. With the continuous depletion of supply of red meat, poultry is the cheapest available meat protein for our masses and as such is an effective check upon the spiraling animal protein prices.  Pakistan Poultry Industry is the 2nd largest industry of Pakistan having 75 Billions investments. It is worth mentioning here that that despite all the factors the growth rate of this industry was 20 to 30 % in 1970s and 10 to 15% after 1980s. Still it is tremendously growing and has proved to be the major stumbling block in price increase of red meat. Otherwise rate of red meat would have gone up and may be at the rate of Rs.600 per KG.