Ch. Muhammad Nusrat Tahir

Chairman’s Message

I have been associated with and involved in the Poultry Industry of Pakistan for many years. When I look back the evolutionary process of commercial poultry farming in our country, I am reminded of several individuals. Though they were all a diverse set of people, farmers, entrepreneurs, scientists, nutritionists, technologists, they were all men of understanding and vision.

They realized that affordable high protein food was primary need. They foresaw at very early stage that urbanization, industrialization, and a very rapidly multiplying population, will combine to progressively shrink agricultural areas which in turn will severely tax food resources. They clearly understood that they had a major dilemma on their hands, which if not resolved, will quickly put high protein food beyond the reach of the common man.


The purposes of The Pakistan Poultry Association is to promote and protect all poultry interests relating to production, distribution, merchandising and consumption of poultry and poultry products; to disseminate information relating to the various phases of the poultry industry in order to improve and expand markets; to increase efficiency in production and marketing

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