Rai Mansab Ali Kharal
Chairman, Pakistan Poultry Association (NZ)

The Poultry Association has played a positive role in the growth of national economy by contributing in the development and promotion of commercial poultry farming in the country. I hope that the congress, a promotional effort of the association will provide opportunities to all stakeholders including farmers and other enterprises to interact with each other and share their valuable experiences for mutual benefit.

It is elevating to note that the poultry sector is one of the organized segments of agriculture industry in Pakistan. Poultry Sector is one of the major sources for obtaining cost effective highly quality animal protein in a comparatively short duration. The government on its part has provided a number of incentives to this sector for an accelerated growth rate of the Poultry industry. It is heartening that the Poultry sector in Pakistan has exhibited high rapid growth. Besides being an important source of animal protein the poultry sector also provides a quick means of employment generation and self employment. The success story of this sector has resulted in adequate and cheap availability of meat and eggs for human consumption in the country.

I am confident that application of scientific knowledge an technological packages along with continued government support will further promote poultry production and assist in achieving great potential as a major producer of high quality food. I would emphasis upon all stakeholders of poultry sector as will as government functionaries to work together and contribute in our poverty alleviation drive through poultry development.

I wish the Pakistan Poultry Association all success and good luck in their endeavors.

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