A meeting was held on 9th April, 2019 at Poultry House to discuss the arrangements regarding ramzan Bazar established all over the Punjab and also the subsidy to be provided. This year Pakistan Poultry Association will provide subsidy of Rs. 10/ kg on chicken meat,Rs 6 on whole chicken live and Rs.5 on one dozen eggs in Ramzan Bazars.

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Pakistan Poultry Association participated in Pakistan International Culinary Festival PICF 2019 organized by College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) Pakistan from 15th March to 17th MARCH 2019Qaddafi  Stadium Lahore. The event was endorsed by World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), a global authority on food. Mr. RazaMehmoodKhursand, Ch. Muhammad Azmat, Dr. WajidRazaJaffery and Major (Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari Secretary PPA (NR) attended the event. Ch. Muhammad Sarwar Governor Punjab inaugurated PICF 2019. Mr. AmjadJaveedSalemi IG Punjab was the Chief Guest of the event he also visited Stall of Pakistan Poultry Association.

On 31st December, 2018 a meeting was held to discuss Formulation of Annual Development Program for the Financial Year 2019-2020”. Mr. Faisal Jabwana Advisor on L&DD to CM presided over the meeting. The meeting was held at UVAS Lahore. Dr. TalatNaseer Pasha Vice Chancellor UVAS, Dr. Mansoor Ahmad Director General (Ext), L&DD , Punjab ,Dr. GhullamHussainBhutta, Director General(Res), L&DD, Punjab, Muhammad Amir Khatak, Member PSW,P&D Board,Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Chief (Agri) P&D Department, Ch. Muhammad NusratTahirVice Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association (NR), Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, National Agri Services Manager Engro(pvt) Ltd, Prof Dr. MasoodRabani, Dean veterinary faculty,UVAS , Professor Habib-ur-Rehman, Head of Physiology Deptt , UVAS, Dr. MuhmmadIqbalDirector,VRI, L&DD, Dr. Abdul Rehman Director Poultry Research Institute Rawalpindi,Dr. AsifSulemanSahi Director Breed Improvement, L&DD,Dr. AsifRafique Director Communication & Extension, Muhammad AhsanWaheed Secretary L&DD and Major(Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari. Ch. Muhammad NusratTahirVice Chairman PPA (NR) had the honour to address the meeting.

As per tradition a mega event of Pakistan Poultry Association “INTERNATIONAL POULTRY EXPO 2019” which is going to be organized at Expo Center 13th, 14th  and 15th   September 2019. Being the 21stSuper kind of Events will be attended by the most influential business entrepreneurs and policy making authorities of Government of Pakistan. Meetings are being held to organize IPEX 2019. Almost 90% preparations are completed and it will be 100% completedwithin a couple of days Members of PPA and convenors with their assigned tasks are working day and night for the success of this mega event. All the stalls are booked. The souvenir will be circulated nationally and internationally among the researchers, Scientists, Veterinaries, Businessmen & poultry Entrepreneurs. The IPEX 2019 shall enhance commercial, economical, and social activities in the regions. It is expected that more than 10,000 people would be registered and about 50,000 people will visit IPEX-2019 during 3 days.

On 11thJuly, 2019 Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir Vice Chairman PPA (North Region) met Mr. Asif Bilal Lodhi Commissioner Lahore Division to Discuss Poultry Marketing Problems. Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir said that poultry sector of Pakistan is facing lot of marketing problems due to non-availability of proper poultry markets and management problems in the country.

Meeting of Layer wing Committee was held on Wednesday 18th June, 2019 at Poultry House, 24 –R,Johar Town, Lahore. The meeting was chaired by Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir Regional Vice Chairman PPA, and was presided over by Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik. The proceedings commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran. Meeting was well attended by RanaGhullam Mustafa, RiazUl Hassan, Dr. ArshadHanif, RanaFawad, Haji Muhammad Ali Chakwal, Mr. Arshad, Mr. Maher Mohd Ashraf, Mr. Mahmood Ali, Malik Irfan, Haji M. Amjad, Haji Mushtaq, Mr. ShehzadRasool, Haji Muhammad Shahid, Rafique Brothers, Mr. FakharYousaf, Mr. Rizwan, Mr. UmerFarooq, Mr. Ashraf, Mr. Amir Razzaq, Dr. MaqboolJaffery and many other Layer Farmers.

Punjab Agri Expo was organized on 22nd and 23rd June, 2019 at Expo Center Lahore.  Pakistan Poultry Association build stall at the event as a part of consumer education activity. Stall was spacious and beautifully designed which attracted a large number of visitors. Officials of Pakistan Poultry Association answered all the queries regarding Chicken Meat and Eggs to the visitors. The purpose of participating in the event was to eliminate myths and mis concepts from the minds of general public regarding Chicken meat and eggs.

Meeting of Layer and Broiler Wing of PPA was held on 3rd June, 2019 at Poultry House Johar Town Lahore. Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir Vice Chairman PPA (NR), RazaMehmoodKhursand, RaiMansab Ali, Muhammad AzmatCh, Dr. FM Sabir, Rana Muhammad Amir, NasirIqbal, Masroor Ahmed, Muhammad Rafi urRehman, RanaGhulamSabir, Dr. Munir Ahmed Sahi, Ch. Muhammad Fargham and Shehryar Sheikh attended the meeting. The meeting was held to discuss Poultry related issues and to resolve them on priority basis. It was also decided by the house that a strategy would be made to help the broiler and layer farmers.

Delegation of Pakistan Poultry Association met with Muhammad AhsanWaheed secretary Livestock and Dairy Development Department on 29th May, 2019. The meeting was well attended by Ch. Muhammad NusratTahirVice Chairman PPA(NR), RaiMansab Ali kharl,Ch. Muhammad Azmat, Dr. Abdul Karim, Mr. RazaMehmoodKhursand  and Major (Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari attended the meeting. The meeting was held to discuss issues related to broiler farmers. The matter was discussed in detail and Muhammad AhsanWaheed Secretary Livestock and Dairy Development Department ensured to resolve the matters on priority basis.

1st meeting of Interactive Session of International Poultry Expo-2019 was held on Friday, 24th May, 2019 at UVAS Lahore. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik, Chief Organizer, IPEX-2019 and presided over by Ch Muhammad NusratTahir, Vice Chairman PPA (NR). The proceedings commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran. Ch. MuhamadNusratTahir, Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik, Prof. Dr. TalatNaseer Pasha, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal, Dr. Abdul Karim, Mr. RaiMansab Ali Kharl, Dr. ArshadHanif, Prof Dr. Muhammad Nasir, Dr.MuhammadSohaib, Dr. AaminaChughtai, Dr.  Zafar Hayat Jaspal, Dr.Shafique and Major (Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari attended the meeting. During the meeting a comprehensive discussion was made on how to organize the session and how to create consumer education.

A meeting with Mr. Muhammad Basharat Raja, Provincial Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, was held on 18th May, 2019with Delegation of PPA. Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir, lead the delegation. Dr. Abdul Karim, Mr. Salman Tariq, Mr. Imran Ejaz, Mr. Aurangzeb Mannoo, Mr. Sheryar A Sheikh and Major (Retd) JavaidBukhariparticipated in the meeting. A very fruitful discussion was held on issues of Processing Plants. He ensured that the problems would be resolved on priority basis.

A meeting of PPA Delegation was held with Mr. NaseemSadiq Secretary to Government of Punjab Food Department on 8th May, 2019. Agenda of the meeting was to remove ban on purchase of wheat for poultry feed. Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, Dr. FM Sabir, Mr. KhaleequeArshad, Mr. Ahmed Hassan, Chaudhry Muhammad NusratTahir, Vice Chairman PPA (NR) attended the meeting. A detailed and very comprehensive discussion was made on the issue.

Meeting of Processing Plant Owners was held on Friday 19th April, 2019 at PPA Office (Poultry House) 24-R, Johar Town, Lahore. Following members attended the meeting:-

Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir, Dr. F.M Sabir, Mr.Shehryar Sheikh         ,Dr. Mustafa Kamal, Dr. Abdul Karim, Mr. Salman Tariq, Mr. Imran EjaZ, Mr. TayabMonno, Mr. ShahidGhaznavi, Mr. LiaqatMehmood, Mr. Muhammad Rizwanand Dr. Mohsin Hassan. The meeting was arranged to discuss prevention and reduction of Salmonella in Poultry Products.

Meeting of Layer Breeding companies was held on Saturday 6th April, 2019at PPA Office. The meeting was chaired by Ch. Muhammad NusratTahirVice Chairman PPA (NR) and was presided over by RanaGhulam Mustafa.  Following members attended the meeting:-  Dr. ArshadHanifCh,Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik       ,Haji Mukhtar Ahmed, RanaGhullamMustafa, Dr. QasimAltaf, Ch. Muhammad Fargham , Mr. AtifMukhtar, Haji Mushtaq, Mr.Sohail Ahmed,  Mr. Muhammad Ashraf          , Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed, Mr. Bilal Abubakar, Mr. M ShoaibSajid, Mr. ZayedSaleem ,Dr. Jahanzaib, Mr. Abid Mughal, Mr.  Muhammad Saleem, Mr. BasharatKhaleeque, Mr. IqbalMehboob, Dr. NumanToor, Mr. Bilal Khadam, Haji Riazul Hassan, Ch. M Sohail Rafi, Mr. AtifHashmi and many other layer farmers were also present.

The meeting of the committee was held to monitor Ramzan  bazar Arrangements,Provision of subsidy provided on Poultry Meat and Eggs and price control during Ramzan Established all over the Punjab. Ch. Muhammad NusratTahirVice Chairman PPA (NR), Dr. Abdul Karim,RaiMansab Ali Kharl,Mr. RazaMehmoodKhursand, Mr. Tariq Javeed and Major (Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhariattended the meeting. It was decided that Rs. 10 /kg on chicken meat and Rs.5 on per dozen eggs subsidy will be provided by PPA in Ramzan Bazars.

Pakistan Poultry Association also celebrated world Egg Day in other cities of Punjab. Members of PPA from their respective cities organized World Egg Day in their regions.The purpose of arranging World Egg day was to create awareness about benefits of eating Eggs amongst the masses. This year Pakistan Poultry Association arranged the World Egg Day all over the country by arranging Walk, Seminars and Press Conferences in different cities of Pakistan. The purpose of organizing World egg day is to make the general public aware of the nutritional value of eggs and its importance for human health. Pakistan Poultry Association celebrated world egg day this year with great zest at Different cities of Pakistan.

This year World Egg Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm in which Walks, cooking competition, press conference and Boiled Eggs were distributed amongst the participants, school students and Orphans.

World Egg day was celebrated at Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Where prominent personalities and members of layer wing committee of PPA participated.A large number of students of colleges and universities were also present.Dr. QasimAltaf addressed at the occasion. He said that Eggs are the best source of protein and full of Nutritional values. In Faisalabad, RanaSaleemAkhtar, RanaRauf, Haji AltafHaider and Haji Mukhtar Ahmed took participation in the programs that included Egg Cooking, Seminars and Awareness Walks. They try their level best to create awareness amongst the masses and to guide the public about Nutritional benefits of Eating Eggs.

World Egg day was also celebrated at Agriculture University Faisalabad. Students of the university actively participated in the event. An awareness walk was also arranged at Faisalabad to highlight the benefits of eating eggs.

World Egg Day was also celebrated in Agriculture University sub campus Toba Tek Singh, where a cooking competition was also organized. Students of university also participated in Awareness Walk.Dr. ArshadHanifFormer Chairman PPA (NR) also attended the event.

At Rawalpindi World Egg Day was celebrated at Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arid University Rawalpindi and at Poultry Research and Institute Rawalpindi. Dr. Muhammad Aslam Chairman PPA. Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik,Dr. Hassan SarooshIkram and many others members of Pakistan Poultry Association participated in activities held during world Egg day at Rawalpindi. Awareness Walk and Seminar was also arranged Dr. Muhammad Aslam Chairman PPA and Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik addressed at the eve. They highlight the benefits of eating eggs and its Nutritional Importance. They were of the view that Eggs are super food and should be added in our daily diet to overcome protein deficiency in human body.Dr. Muhammad AslamChairman PPA while addressing at PRI said that Poultry Meat and eggs are cheapest source of protein and he recommend to take 2 eggs per day.

On 17th October, 2019a reception in honor of Ch. Muhammad Fargham Vice Chairman PPA (NR) was arranged at Meat Ex Lahore by Mr. Tariq Javaid.Dr. Abdul Karim, RaiMansab Ali Kharl, Mr. ShahidIqbal,Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir, RazaMehmoodKhursand, Ch. Muhammad Azmat, Mr. Sajid Malik, Maj (Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhariand many other prominent personalities of PPA graced the occasion.

Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir(Former Chairman PPA-NR), Mr. RazaMehmoodKhursand and Dr. Abdul Karim address at the occasion. They all warmly welcome the newly elected Chairman Ch. Muhammad Fargham Vice Chairman PPA (NR). They were of the view that our newly elected Chairman will definitely work for the interests of Poultry Farmers to get maximum benefits from the concerned Government Departments. They encouraged him to work with more devotion and the entire poultry industry is behind him. Speakers were of the view that poultry sector of Pakistan is increasing its efficiency of work day by day. As this sector is providing employment to more than 15000 people in this regard this sector needs more attention from Government of Pakistan.

At the end Ch. Muhammad FarghamVice Chairman PPA –NR thanked  theMr. Tariq Javaid for inviting and organizing such a grand reception for him.  He  saidthat he is always available to help the poultry farmers and to provide them maximum benefit where possible. He admired the services given by Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir during his tenure. He appreciated the work which Ch. Muhammad NusratTahirhas rendered for consumer education activities.

Then a delicious lunch was served

Meeting of Broiler wing Committee of PPA was held on Tuesday9th October, 2019 at Poultry House, 24 –R,Johar Town, Lahore. The meeting was chaired byCh. Muhammad Fargham Vice Chairman PPA (NR). Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir,RaiMansab Ali Kharl,Mr. RazaMehmoodkhursand, Ch. Muhammad Azmat, Mian Tariq Mehmood, Abdul RehmanAslam, Dr.AbdulKarim and many other members of PPA attended the meeting.

In his opening remarks Ch. Muhammad Fargham, welcomed all the participants for coming and sharing their valuable views with the house. All participants including Mr. Naveed Ahmed, Rafi Chaudhry and RanaSabir congratulated Ch. Muhammad Fargham to be elected as Vice Chairman PPA (NR).Ch. Muhammad Fargham also thanked the entire Poultry Industry for electing him as Chairman PPA (NR) and entrusting him to give responsibilities of Chairman PPA (NR).

Ch. Muhammad Fargham while addressing the house said that it is observed that broiler farmers are facing acute problems related to their business and they should be solved on immediate basis. The matter was discussed in detail by the house. All the participants discussed the problems in detail. Mr. RazaMehmoodKhursand while addressing the house appreciated Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir for his exceptional services being rendered for Poultry Industry. He said that Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir met many High Govt Officials as Vice Chairman PPA to resolve all problems related to Poultry Industry. He hoped that Ch. Muhammad Fargham would work hard to resolve the issues of Poultry Sector. RaiMansab Ali Kharl congratulated Ch. Muhammad Fargham and appreciated Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir for serving the entire Poultry Industry as Vice Chairman PPA (NR). After detail discussions following decisions were made by the house unanimously:

  1. Consumer education should be conducted throughout the country to remove mis concepts from the minds of general public so that consumption of chicken meat in the country could be increased.
  2. A campaign on social media should be made by experts to as a part of consumer education.
  3. Soy Bean meal should be growed in Pakistan so that Poultry Farmer can purchase it at low price.Cost of every item has increased therefore Poultry feed rates are increased too.

Meeting of Layer wing Committee was held on 5th October, 2019 at Poultry House, 24 –R,Johar Town, Lahore. The meeting was chaired by Ch. Muhammad Fargham Regional Chairman PPA (NR). The proceedings commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran.Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir,Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik, Mr. Tariq Mehmood, Dr. ShahidIqbal, Dr. ArshadHanif and about 150 members attended the meeting.

Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir, while addressing the meeting said that all the farmers should keep themselves in contact with each other and maintain cooperation bonds with each other to bring uniformity in their work to share the information related to business.Mr. Khalid Saleem Malik while discussing the importance of unity and membership of PPA either layer or broiler farmer should get membership of PPA so that this forum is made more stronger than ever. He emphasized that quality feed should be fed to flocks, so that better production is taken only 1-2% fishmeal should be added in layer feed. He further proposed that feed given to the flocks should be absolutely free of toxins and antibiotics. Heproposed to give those medicines to chicks that remain in gut instead of mixing with blood. By doing this we can be able to increase the production.


It was decided that consumer education campaign should be run to create awareness amongst the masses about advantage of eggs which are very important for growing children. It was also decided that we by our collective efforts should work to eliminate the stunting problem in children and to make women and men healthy as eggs are considered Super Food.

While concluding Ch. Muhammad Fargham Vice Chairman PPAs said that all the layer farmers should have inter relations like broiler control houses so that they could share the disease problems with each other ,if found on any layer farm. He hoped that by taking above mentioned steps, by the grace of Almighty Allah, we would be able to help the layer farmers to come out from critical situation