Meeting of Broiler wing Committee of PPA was held on Tuesday9th October, 2019 at Poultry House, 24 –R,Johar Town, Lahore. The meeting was chaired byCh. Muhammad Fargham Vice Chairman PPA (NR). Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir,RaiMansab Ali Kharl,Mr. RazaMehmoodkhursand, Ch. Muhammad Azmat, Mian Tariq Mehmood, Abdul RehmanAslam, Dr.AbdulKarim and many other members of PPA attended the meeting.

In his opening remarks Ch. Muhammad Fargham, welcomed all the participants for coming and sharing their valuable views with the house. All participants including Mr. Naveed Ahmed, Rafi Chaudhry and RanaSabir congratulated Ch. Muhammad Fargham to be elected as Vice Chairman PPA (NR).Ch. Muhammad Fargham also thanked the entire Poultry Industry for electing him as Chairman PPA (NR) and entrusting him to give responsibilities of Chairman PPA (NR).

Ch. Muhammad Fargham while addressing the house said that it is observed that broiler farmers are facing acute problems related to their business and they should be solved on immediate basis. The matter was discussed in detail by the house. All the participants discussed the problems in detail. Mr. RazaMehmoodKhursand while addressing the house appreciated Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir for his exceptional services being rendered for Poultry Industry. He said that Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir met many High Govt Officials as Vice Chairman PPA to resolve all problems related to Poultry Industry. He hoped that Ch. Muhammad Fargham would work hard to resolve the issues of Poultry Sector. RaiMansab Ali Kharl congratulated Ch. Muhammad Fargham and appreciated Ch. Muhammad NusratTahir for serving the entire Poultry Industry as Vice Chairman PPA (NR). After detail discussions following decisions were made by the house unanimously:

  1. Consumer education should be conducted throughout the country to remove mis concepts from the minds of general public so that consumption of chicken meat in the country could be increased.
  2. A campaign on social media should be made by experts to as a part of consumer education.
  3. Soy Bean meal should be growed in Pakistan so that Poultry Farmer can purchase it at low price.Cost of every item has increased therefore Poultry feed rates are increased too.

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