Aims and Objectives of PPA

The aims and objects for which the Association
is formed are as under:

To provide facilities for and foster, encourage, secure and maintain good and closer relationship and unanimity among members and the trade in general and to promote and protect their business interests and to do all that is necessary for the furtherance and development of Poultry Farming and allied trade in Pakistan.
To consider all problems and questions confronting Poultry Farming and Poultry Farmers etc. and to devise ways and means for tackling and solving the same.
To collect and circulate permissible statistics and other information relating to or of interest to the business of its members and/or the trade in general.
To publish or cause to publish or encourage and support publications, bulletins or any other information considered useful or beneficial to the trade.
To consider and take legitimate steps necessary for starting, promoting, supporting and opposing any measures affecting the business of its members and the trade in general.
To make representations to and communicate with local, provincial, Federal or other authorities, both Government and private on any matter affecting the business of its members of the trade.
To secure, organize and coordinate action on all matters pertaining to or affecting the business of is members.
To arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising between members willing and/or agreeing to submit to arbitration in accordance with the arbitration rules of the Association and to adjust and resolve controversies between the members.
To undertake special inquiries and investigations, negotiate or settle matters or secure redress of legitimate grievances connected with the business of its members.
To hold in trust or in safe custody or otherwise except for the purpose of trading, any material or amount desired to be so held by the Government or members of the Association.
To advise and assist the Government in the formulation of useful and progressive policies and to cooperate with them in their successful implementation.
To take effective measures for the eradication of unethical practices from the field of trade, commerce and industry.
To subscribe to and become member of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry and procure from and communicate with any incorporated organization of trade, commerce and industry such information as may be likely to further the objects of the Association.
To coordinate action on the matter of Jallo Railway Station through a standing committee appointed by the Executive Committee.
To endeavor with recognized/registered Chambers of Associations of Trade and Industry acting through the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry to form a National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.
To endeavour with recognized/registered Chambers of Associations of Trade and Industry to form National Arbitration Association of Pakistan and to seek affiliation or liaison with similar other bodies abroad with the prior approval of the Government.
To frame and assist in the framing of rules of practice for facilitating and simplifying the business of its members
And generally to do all that may be necessary to achieve the aims and objects of the Association directly and indirectly or take any measure conducive to the development and progress of the trade.
Provided always that the aims and objects and/or powers herein mentioned shall be implemented and exercised by the Association, with reference to and in terms of the said Memorandum and Articles of Association and that nothing herein shall be deemed to empower or authorize the Association or its Members to question, dispute or challenge the business status or the assessed performance values of its members or to suggest, recommend or carry out any allocations or distribution of material except on the basis as aforesaid.