Pakistan Poultry Association participated and sponsored the Nutritional Day celebrations at Kinnaird College for Women Universityheld on 27th February, 2018.

To educate the general public regarding nutritional benefits of poultry products, Pakistan poultry association has launched a consumer education campaign. In this regard, Pakistan Poultry Association actively participated in Nutritional Day celebrated at Kinnaird College. 14 stalls including PPA’s own stall was erected through a vendor at Kinnaird College for Women University by PPA. At PPA stall a documentary consisted on the production process from grandparents to layer / broiler, poultry feed, processed chicken kept on displaying throughout the day.

Pakistan Poultry Association sponsored the event. Backdrop banner was displayed along with standees, containing the message and slogans of healthy chicken and eggs.

A comprehensive presentation was delivered by Dr. Abdul Karim, discussing the issues like: Food Security and Nutritional Benefits of Poultry Products. PPA also displayed the brochure containing the relevant information about Chicken meat and Eggs.Dr. Abdul Karimwhile addressing the students said that there are no hormones and steroids added in Poultry feed. Chicken is the best source of protein and contain no harmful substance in it.Answering the queries of students Dr. Abdul Karim said that world’s best broiler is being produced in Pakistan. Eggs and chicken are healthy and full of nutrients, he added that purpose of participating in such events is toeradicate the myths and misconceptions regarding poultry products from the minds of the students, he hoped.

At the end awards were distributed amongst the PPA members including Dr. Abdul Karim, Dr. Syed WajidRazaJafferi, Major (Retd) Syed JavaidHusssainBukhari. Dr. Abdul Karim thanked to the college management to collaborate with PPA and providing platform to disseminate our message.