PPA is ready to raise nutrition level among childrenby ProvidingLunch boxes containing chicken and eggs in schools

A seminar on “Poultry Development & Bridging the Nutritional Gap” was organized by Pakistan Poultry Association in collaboration with Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Tuesday 25th April, 2017. Mr. Abdul Basit President LCCI, Dr. Abdul Karim Zonal Chairman PPA, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal, Major (Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari Zonal secretary PPA, Mr. KhaleequeArshad,RaiMansab Ali Kharl, Dr. WajidRazaJafferi, Mian Tariq Mehmood, Mr. Sajid Malik, Dr. AzharKhatana, Mr. Salman Basit, Dr. MehmoodQureshi (Senior Anchorperson PTV/Radio) Nutritionists and Lecturers of Home Economics college, Professors of LCWU and a large number of students from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences attended the seminar.While addressing the seminar Dr. Abdul KarimChairmnan Pakistan Poultry Association (NZ) informed that recently it has been stated by World Bank report, that almost 45 percent children of 5-15 years in the country are suffering from malnutrition and stunting, the Association has planned to provide chicken and eggs to school children in a number of government schools and if Punjab government provides funds the ‘chicken serving program’ can be extended across the country to eliminate stunting among 50 million children of Pakistan.

He also added that PPA in this regard has already launched a pilot project on April 17, 2017 in collaboration with the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, selecting Government Girls Community Model School, Chak no 34, Mundeki, Pattoki for serving chicken and eggs to its all students.

The PPA (NZ) Chairman stated that the food serving program has been launched as a demonstration keeping in view of the World Bank report with a view to improve child nutrition and reduce stunting among them.

Dr. Karim said that PPA wanted to extend this project to all public schools across the country with the support of government to serve the chicken and eggs to around 1.1 million school going children.He added that poultry sector is the most organized agro-based sectors and poultry farms are available in each and every corner of the country. Hence, the poultry industry can be the best option for the government to launch the food program for school children using PPA platform across the country to control stunting and malnutrition at this stage.

The government food program will not only end protein deficiency among the children but also help strengthen an agro-based indigenous industry already generating employment for about 1.8 million people mostly in rural areas.He said poultry sector had been providing affordable and quality poultry products to the masses to fulfill their requirements of animal protein since 1960, contributing 40 percent of the total meat consumption.

He also presented a presentation on poultry contributing to food security in which the issues like: Food Security and Nutritional Benefits of Poultry Products were discussed in detail. He detailed the participant that the poultry industry use typical breeding pattern to get eggs and is not a process of few decades but it took 100 years to get this breed of broiler we have today. It is the result of selective breeding. He also put light on the differences in the Desi bird and layer for their egg production per annum as commercial layer produce three times more eggs than indigenous birds. Further he discussed in the presentation about the transition of the traditional rearing of the birds in comparison with the today’s modern environmentally controlled and nature friendly rearing procedures. He also clarified with the help of slides that there are no such thing as hormone or steroid used in poultry feed.

He said that average Pakistani consumed 10 kilograms of meat and 90 eggs yearly in comparison to the recommended annual intake of 250-300 eggs and 25-28 kilograms of meat. He said nutritionists recommended people to consume eggs regularly as physical and mental health were dependent on protein. He said the inadequate per capita consumption of eggs in Pakistan was a cause of concern. He said that the multidimensional project will also enhance students’ attendance in the schools.Dr. Abdul Karim also said that Pakistan also faces an education crisis of unprecedented proportions, as nearly half of all children of school-going age are out of school.