Pakistan Poultry Association organized a seminar on “Nutritional Benefits of Poultry Products on Human Health” in collaboration with Women Degree College Town Ship Lahore.

Another consumer education activity was well organized by Pakistan Poultry Association on“Nutritional Benefits of Poultry Products on Human Health” in collaboration with Women Degree College Town Ship Lahore on 16th May, 2017. More than 500 students participated in it. Students show their keen interest in understanding the process Poultry Production. Dr. Abdul Karim Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association (NZ), Dr. Wajid Raza Jafferi and Major (Retd) Syed Javaid Hussain Bukhari attended the event. Dr. Abdul Karim presented a detail presentation on Poultry production and the process of broiler production and development.Pakistan Poultry Association sponsored the backdrop banner of the conference and placed standees, containing the message and slogans of healthy chicken and eggs.

While addressing the students, he said that Protein is the building block of your body. It’s the building block of your muscles and also is present in the foods that are going to boost your metabolism and fat-burning potential. Nothing is more important than protein. It really is the fuel that motivates and really supports your body in building healthy tissues and cells he said.

While answering a question he said that Proteins are considered long chains of amino acids, which are the important molecules we get from our diet. Amino acids can be found in many different types of foods, even vegetables, but the highest sources are those that come from animals – like meat, dairy, eggs, Chicken and fish – plus to a lesser extent certain plant foods like beans and seeds. And amongst all of them Chicken is the best and affordable source of protein for the consumers.

He said that Consumers, by and large, want to trust their source of food. They want to know where it comes from, and they want to believe that it is safe. Research indicates that they don’t necessarily want to know how their food was prepared or produced, unless they have a reason to doubt us, and when doubt enters the equation trust is eroded. The rise in the usage of social media has contributed to consumer misunderstanding of poultry, because misinformation shared there too often goes unchallenged.


The poultry industry has been absent from a lot of that conversation, and we have lost some of the trust consumers had in the industry simply because we chose to back off or stay away from difficult topics. But reality is absolutely different there is nothing harmful added in Poultry Feed its growth is quite natural and simple process. The broiler you see today is not a process of few years but it took almost 100 years to make this healthy broiler by selective breeding. Chicken consists of high-quality protein (that is, protein that contains the eight essential amino acids) and a relatively low amount of fat. In addition, fat in chicken is mostly of the unsaturated type, which protects against heart disease. Thus, chicken is often recommended by physicians and nutrition counselors as an alternative to red meat, which typically has more fat and more saturated fat. Chicken breast without the skin has less fat than sirloin steak, pot roast, 80 or 90 percent lean. So, Chicken meat and eggs should be added in our daily diet.In an answer to a question he said 27 gm. of animal protein is required by a Human Body but normally 17 gm of the total requirement is consumed in Pakistan by an individual. Its our duty to ful fil the gap 10 gm per person and for that PPA is currently conducting several consumer education campaigns and trying to provide subsidized Chicken meat and eggs to the poor people around.So, there is immediate need to resolve the problem and Pakistan Poultry Association is serving the nation since many years by selling the best source of protein in affordable rates. He answered all the questions related to poultry asked by the students. Delicious Hi Tea with poultry items was also served to the participants.