Pakistan Poultry Association attended theCabinet Committee meeting to monitor prices in Ramzan Bazaars held at Secretariat

Pakistan Poultry Association attended the Cabinet Committee meeting held on 9th May, 2017 at Civil Secretariat Lahore. The cabinet committee was assigned with the task of overseeing and monitoring of supply and price situation in Ramzan Bazaars. Dr. Abdul Karim Zonal Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association, RaiMansab Ali Kharl and Major (Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari attended the meeting. Provincial Minister and ConvenorRamzan Bazar Malik Nadeem Kamran while addressing the meeting said that the efforts of the government in administering the Ramzan bazaars and effectively controlling the market forces are highly appreciable. The government will ensure that edibles including flour, sugar, fruits, vegetables and other commodities would be abundantly available in the Ramzan bazaars as well as in the open market at a subsidized price, he added. Dr. Abdul Karim Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association (NZ) said that the PPA has decided to join hands with the Punjab government to facilitate the public by providing poultry products at subsidized prices in Ramazan Bazaars. He assured the government that PPA will provide subsidy of Rs. 10 a kg on chicken and Rs5 on eggs throughout the province, as compared to the open market. He also said that it is worth mentioning here that Chicken meat and eggs are perishable commodities and could not sustain the pressure of market forces resulting into crash of prices in this sector. Farmers have lost heavily during last one year. A short span of about 2 to 3 months comes every year, when prices of poultry product go slightly high and that is the time when poultry farmers inhale oxygen to reduce the losses to some extent. District Administrations abruptly interfere in the markets and poultry production activity is disturbed. On the other hand if we see increase of essential items during the last 20 years, it is revealed that minimum increase of chicken is noticed. Therefore, it is recommended that chicken and eggs should be removed from the list of essential items and it should not be subjected to price control by the local Government