Pakistan Poultry Association attended the Meeting held with Dr. Muhammad Irshad Khan Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) at LCCI on 12th May, 2017.

Dr. Muhammad Irshad Khan Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chaired the meetings held with all chief commissioners, commissioners, chief collectors and collectors on Friday 12th May, 2017 at LCCI. Mr. Abdul Basit President LCCI specially invited Chairman FBR to discuss issues of all Industries including Poultry Industry before Budget Speech 2017-18. The meeting was held to discuss the promotion of trade and cooperation amongst the different sectors. The meeting was well attended by Mr. Abdul Basit President LCCI, Dr. Abdul karim Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association, Major (Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari Secretary Pakistan Poultry Association, Executive members of LCCI.

Issues of Tax and Sales Tax on Poultry Industry were highlighted byMr. Abdul Basit President LCCI and Dr. Abdul Karim, ChairmanPPA (NZ) during the meeting. He added that there is dire need to bring down the cost of locally produced poultry & its products, one of the major barriers in its exports from Pakistan. It will enable producers to offer competitive prices in international market, and will increase exports of poultry products from Pakistan.Mr. Chairman proposed following measures propose following measures, to be taken by the Government, to reduce cost of poultry production.

  • To Allow, Duty & Sales Tax free Import of Ingredients (raw material) for Poultry Feed.
  • To Rationalize Import duty on Ingredients (Inputs) for producing value added, further processed chicken products (ready to cook &fully cooked).
  • To restore ZERO RATING status for value added, Frozen and packed Poultry Products.
  • To exempt Sales Tax on Electricity Bills, being collected from Poultry Sector.
  • To rationalize Import Duty on Grand Parent stock (Day old Chick).
  • To allow freight subsidy on Exports.

During the meeting Chairman FBR highlighted the point that he has come to strengthen friendship business community and to facilitate them as far as taxation is concerned. He added that he is here with all chief commissioners, commissioners, chief collectors and collectors, so that all the decisions made today are properly implemented by them. He announced a facilitation committee of FBR to settle all kind of issues of taxation in LCCI. At the end Mr. Abdul Basit highly appreciated Mr. Chairman FBR for his kind visit and supportive actionsfor the business community.