Pakistan Poultry Association participated in International Halal Conference and Exhibition held at Falettis hotel on 17th and 18th April 2018.

Pakistan Poultry Association erected a stall at International Halal conference held at FALETTIS hotel on 17th and 18th April, 2018 organized by Punjab Halal development Agency (PHDA). Prime objective of the event was to showcase the livestock and allied industries potential for international community and investors with the target to increase Halal trade in Pakistan.

The PHDA facilitated more than 40 international potential buyers and exhibitors who registered to visit Pakistan and observe Livestock and Halal value chain of the country.

The PHDA has also planned field visits of foreigners to livestock farms and allied industries in order to highlight latent potential of this industry. To create awareness and to remove myths and mis-concepts about chicken meat and eggs amongst the masses, Pakistan poultry Association took part in many activities and programs being held in different parts of the country. Its purpose is to highlight the benefits of Poultry products. In this regard, Pakistan Poultry Association also participated in two days event “International Halal Conference” organized by Punjab halal development agency PPA not just actively participated in the event by exhibiting the poultry related products and displaying the documentary based on the production process from grandparents to layer or broiler, poultry feed processed chicken and eggs. PPA participation in the event was encouraged by the general public who have come from all over the country to participate in the exhibition. PPA has conveyed the message of the nutritional benefits of poultry products that poultry Meat & Eggs are absolutely safe and healthy.

Pakistan Poultry Association placed standees, containing the messages and slogans of healthy chicken and eggs on them.

The event was well attended by many members of PPA. A large number of visitors attended the conference and through them the message regarding nutritional benefits of poultry products to human beings was conveyed to the general public.

Major(Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari had the honor to address the participants while being on the stall and he not only cleared the doubts of most of the visitors in the hall about the poultry products but also gave them the insight about the mechanics and driving force of the poultry sector. He added that poultry sector of Pakistan succeeds in bridging gap between demand and supply of the essential proteins requirements of consumer need in the most economical way. He further said that poultry at present contributes about half of the total meat consumption and generates employment and income for about 18 hundred thousand people. He while addressing also said to the participant that the poultry industry use typical breeding pattern to get eggs and is not a process of few decades but it took 100 years to get this breed of broiler we have today. It is the result of selective breeding. He also put light on the differences in the Desi bird and layer for their egg production per annum as commercial layer produce three times more eggs than indigenous birds.

The purpose to attend this event was well served by not only conveying the message of the nutritional benefits of poultry products to the general public but also by busting the myths, rumors and all types of mis-conceptions about the poultry products to the General Public.