Dr. Muhammad Aslam Central Chairman PPA visited Agri Tourism Park at Faislabad.

Dr. Muhammad Aslam Central Chairman PPA, Dr. ArshadHanif Chairman PPA (NZ), RanaSajjadHaider, Haji AltafHaider, Dr. Khalid MehmoodShouq, Dr. Abdul JabarAbbasi, Haji Mukhtar Ahmed and other membersof Poultry Industry visited Agi Tourism Park at Faislabad. Dr. Muhammad Aslam Central Chairman PPA while addressing at the eve said that “We must protect trees, our national asset at any cost.”

“The ratio of the forests to the available land in Pakistan is already one of the lowest in the world. We must, therefore, not only protect this national wealth from wanton destruction but also grow more trees for improving environment and ecological balance and contribute to the national economy,” he said.
He also said that Pakistan could not afford to lose more forests in the wake of growing demands. He urged that all citizens must play their role in making Pakistan a forest rich country.

He expressed the hope that AgriTourism  would be a milestone towards a green and clean Pakistan. He planted a tree & appreciated the efforts to come close to the natural living style. He extended his support for the cause. Agri tourism is grateful for his visit and support.

The Agri-Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan (ATDCP) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization, aiming to connect people through food, farms and education, working to promote Agritourism idea in Pakistan. ATDCP educates consumers about an organic, healthy life style, raises awareness about food from “farm to dining table”, and introduces agri-tourism & entertainment farming to explore the beauty of agri fields and farm-fresh feelings.

ATDCP also works as a training institute for Agripreneurs, where the latter are trained in consumer organic style needs. ATDCP introduces a new breed of Agripreneurs to the business of agri-tourism & entertainment farming for agricultural students and the farming community. It organizes agricultural events, agri-themed festivals, agri-field trips and field activities, agri-field picnic parties for school kids and for the community to explore agritourism ideas in Pakistan.