Meeting of Broiler farmers was held on 6th February 2017

Meeting of broiler wing committee of PPA was held on 6th February 2017 to discuss the problems being faced by Poultry Industry of Pakistan which includes nonexistence of poultry markets, direct supply of broiler to the sale centers and Most of the supply of live broiler is provided to the sale centers directly and fixation of profit margin was also discussed during the meeting. The meeting was attended by Dr.AbdulKarim, RazaMehmoodKhursand, Muhammad AzmatCh, Tariq Javeed and JaveedIqbal.

The matter of profit margin and factor of chicken meat was also discussed in detail and following decisions were made unanimously in the best interest of the consumers.

  1. 6%margin on farm rate should be fixed for whole saler @trader and Rs.6% margin on wholesale rate will be given to retailer and shopkeeper.
  2. Conversion factor for neat meat as clean Gizzard, Liver Heart with Neck without beak and crop should also be fixed.

Less weighing issues by retailers should besolved by adopting appropriate strategy. There would be neat and clean atmosphere in the chicken shops and workers would be compelled to use apron and head gare while inside the shops. The shops would be properly maintained as per desired standards.

Mr. RazaMehmoodKhursand thanked the chairman for critically discussing the problems of broiler farmers and providing the solution to all those issues being faced by broiler farmers these days. The meeting was ended with vote of thanks to the chair.