3rd meeting of Zonal Executive Committee PPA (NZ) was Held at 03:00 pm on Friday 14th April,2017 at PPA Office (Poultry House) 24-R, Johar Town , Lahore.the meeting was attended by Dr. Abdul KarimChairman PPA (NZ), Mr. Abdul Hayee Mehta Chief Organizer IPEX 2017, Ch. Muhammad Fargham, Mr. Muhammad Sharif Malik, Mr. Muhammad Sajid Malik, Mian Tariq Mehmood, Mian Muhammad Imran and Major(Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhariZonal Secretary PPA.


Following agenda items were discussed during the meeting:

  1. To pass/approve minutes of 2nd meeting of Zonal Executive Committee held on Saturday, 5th November, 2016.
  2. To discuss disease status at Poultry Farms.
  3. To discuss activities of PPA from Nov, 2016 to March, 2017.
  4. To discuss and approve Consumer Education Programme.
  5. To discuss and approve expenses of PPA made up till 31st March, 2017.
  6. To discuss arrangements of International Poultry Expo-2017.
  7. Approval of New Membership/Renewal for the year 2017-2018.

While discussing about Consumer education campaign Dr. Abdul Karim also informed the house that an aggressive campaign of consumer education throughout the zone to eliminate the myths and mis-concepts about poultry and its products, which is adversely affecting the consumption of chicken Meat and Eggs has already been started . We are taking such measures which could eliminate the mis-conceptions and increase the consumption of chicken meat during the year. All the activities that are in process, started or about to start were informed to the house for open discussion. A few suggestions by Mr. Mehta regarding preparations of IPEX 2017were shared with the house:-

  1. Secretariat of IPEX Pakistan should work separately having sufficient working staff throughout the year under the Zonal secretary.
  2. More man power can be hired so that working of the IPEX is enhanced.
  3. Former Chief Organizers may be requested to join in as advisory board of IPEX Pakistan.
  4. IPEX Pakistan may be registered as independent entity of Pakistan Poultry Association.

At the end Dr. Abdul Karim, Chairman PPA (NZ) thanked Mr. Abdul Haye Mehta, Chief Organizer IPEX 2017 and all ZEC Members for coming and sharing their precious views with the house  to uplift the image of Poultry Sector/ IPEX Pakistan.  In his concluding remarks Mr. Chairman, appreciated the passion of the house and for such a productive discussion and good suggestions came out on all agenda items.