The Pakistan Poultry Association has announced to provide poultry products at subsidized rates in 331 Rmazan Bazaars to be set up in 36 districts of the province and the Association will provide subsidy. The sale of subsidized chicken and eggs has already been started from 3 days prior to first Ramazan, with chicken prices being reduced by Rs10 per kg and eggs rate being cut by Rs. 5 per dozen against the rate of open market.

PPA NZ chairman Dr. Abdul Karim while talking to PPA Magazine said that with the advent of holy month of Ramadan the profiteers try to hoard daily kitchen items in order to mint money, however, the PPA has decided to join hands with the Punjab government to facilitate the public by providing poultry products at subsidized prices in Ramazan Bazaars. He assured the government that PPA will provide subsidy of Rs. 10 a kg on chicken and Rs5 on eggs throughout the province, as compared to the open market.

He said that as a result of reduction in poultry and chicken rates in Ramazan Bazaars, even those districts would benefit where there was negligible production of poultry.
The PPA chairman further said the poultry sector was one of the most organized agro-based sectors of Pakistan. “The sector has been serving the nation since 1962 by providing poultry products to the masses at affordable rates,” he added. He said poultry, at present, constituted 40 percent of the total meat consumption and generated employment and income for around fifteen hundred thousand people.
Praising the Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif and Secretary Livestock Nasim Sadiq for setting up Ramazan Bazaars, he said that Poultry Association will regularly pay subsidy to the shopkeepers. He said that PPA convener of Ramazan Bazaars Rai Mansab Ali Kharl was monitoring the sale of subsidized eggs and chickens in all bazaars.
He said that besides provincial government agencies, the PPA’s own monitoring teams will continuously visit the Ramazan Bazaars to ensure that the agreement reached between PPA and Punjab government was put into effect in letter and spirit, under which the Association was supplying stock of subsidized chicken and
He said that teams will also inspect the quality of chicken being sold in all Ramazan Bazaars of Lahore as well as other Punjab cities.