Pakistan Poultry Association enthusiastically participated in Pakistan Culinary Festival 2016.

Four- Days event Pakistan Culinary Festival 2016 run from 1st December to 4th December at Alhamra Cultural Complex Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. Pakistan Poultry Association build stall at the event as a part of consumer education activity. Stall was spacious and beautifully designed which attracted a large number of visitors. Veterinary doctors were also present at stall to answer the queries of general masses regarding Poultry Meat and products. The purpose of participating in the event was to eliminate myths and mis concepts from the minds of general public regarding Chicken meat and eggs. PPA recently took initiative to participate in different activities, events, road shows and seminars as a part of consumer education so that maximum people can be educated. And participation in Pakistan Culinary Festival 2016 proved to be very effective in this regard.A large number of PPA members also attended the event including Dr. Abdul Karim Chairman PPA, Rai Mansab Ali Kharl, Dr. Wajid Raza Jaffery Convenor Consumer education, Dr. Azhar Mehmood Khutana, Raza Mehmood Khursand and many other members.

The Festival was alleged to hold a culinary competition. Along with the competition, professional chefs will be there to share their secret tips, restaurant stalls will be set up, and not only will this there be other forms of entertainment as well. Children’s play area, artisan work display, musical evenings, magic shows and lucky draws. Additionally, conferences and seminars were also held regarding culinary, hospitality, on food security, Nutritional Benefits of Poultry and tourism trends.

This event run for four days and hundreds of boiled eggs were distributed amongst the visitors by PPA. Conferences and seminars were also arranged during the event and a detail presentation on Poultry Production was presented by Dr. Abdul Karim. Food Security and Nutritional Benefits of Poultry Products were discussed in detail through presentation. He explained that the poultry industry use typical breeding pattern to get eggs and is not a process of few decades but it took 100 years to get this breed of broiler we have today. It is the result of selective breeding through the slides. He also put light on the differences in the Desi bird and layer for their egg production per annum as commercial layer produce three times more eggs than indigenous birds. Further he discussed in the presentation about the transition of the traditional rearing of the birds in comparison with the today’s modern environmentally controlled and nature friendly rearing procedures. He also clarified with the help of slides that there are no such thing as hormone or steroid used in poultry feed. He clarified that Poultry Meat and eggs are 100 percent pure and contain no harmful substance in it. While briefing the participants he said that poultry industry is the second largest industry after textile, as over 1.8 million people are affiliated with this industry and are earning their livelihood. There is a need to take constructive steps by the government to affectively standardize this industry, so it can compete with foreign market. Pakistan produces standard meat and eggs and can compete with Foreign Countries.

A questionnaire consisting of questions about Chicken and eggs to get opinion from general public was also placed at stall. A large number of visitors filled it. Gift hampers/Mobile phones were also distributed amongst the visitors through lucky draw.

Dr. Wajid Raza Jaffery had the honor to address the participants and answer them while being on the stall and he not only cleared the doubts of most of the visitors in the event about the poultry products but also gave them the insight about the mechanics and driving force of the poultry sector. He added that poultry sector of Pakistan succeeds in bridging gap between demand and supply of the essential proteins requirements of consumer need in the most economical way. He further said that poultry at present contributes about half of the total meat consumption and generates employment for many people.

Ingredients of Poultry feed, pamphlets consisting of Nutritional importance of Chicken meat and eggs were displayed at the stall for visitor’s information. This remained a busy place throughout the event as most of the visitors and participants were interested in knowing the feed given to broiler at farm houses.Visitors were provided with satisfactory answers from the doctors available at stalls. Majority of the public have myths about the diet given to broilers. And this event helped a lot in removing mis concepts and myths about broiler from the mind of general public. A detailed and comprehensive documentary on Poultry Production was also displayed throughout the event at LCD which remained a very attractive place for the visitors. all the steps involved during the growth of chick, production of eggs, farm houses, slaughter houses and ventilation & bio security were shown in detail through this documentary to the invitees.Displaying of documentary proved  be very useful in educating the masses.