Meeting of Processing Companies

Pakistan Poultry Association attended the meeting held withPunjab Food Authority on 11th

May, 2017 at Head Office Punjab Food Authority, Wahdat Road Lahore. Dr. Abdul Karim, Chairman PPA (NZ), Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal (Big Bird Group), Salman Tariq & Imran Ijaz (Menu), Mr. Hamza Tariq & Imran (Sufi),Dr. Sajad K&N’s, Mr. ShahidGhaznvi, (Dawn Foods), and Zonal Secretary PPA Major(Retd) Syed JavaidHussainBukhari participated in the meeting. The meeting was held to discuss and to recommend appropriate measures to be adopted by Poultry processing companies on priority bases.  During the meeting Dr. Shahzaib (Director Technical-PFA) proposed that used cooking oil in processing plants should be sold to Bio- Diesel Company. Dr. Abdul Karim said that it should not be sold to one company only because this can create monopoly. He also added that instead of selling used oil to Bio- Diesel it must be sold to Poultry feed processing companies so that they can get maximum benefit. Dr. Shahzaib emphasized that used cooking oil should not be used in animal feed, it would be better if it is sold to Bio-Diesel.  Dr. Abdul Karim, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal, Salman Tariq, Imran Ijaz, Mr. Hamza Tariq, Imran, Dr. Sajad and Mr. ShahidGhaznvi discussed the matter in detail. They suggested that this matter should be put up to competent authority and scientific panel should be made to review the policy.

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal said that I agree with the proposed idea by Dr. Shahzaib but it is not beneficial for us to purchase the oil for making feed at higher rates and sold our used oil at lower rates. Therefore, it was decided unanimously by the house that policy should be reviewed.