MOU signed between National TB control program (NTP/PTP) and Pakistan Poultry Association


Both the partners seek to achieve the following objectives

  1. To fight against tuberculosis in Pakistan to reduce mortality, morbidiy and spread of TB infection
  2. Strengthen programmatic and operational management capacity of the Tb Control program while enhancing support both from public and private sector for TB control.


Roles and responsibilities

The NTP/PTP Shall

  1. PTP will device mechanism free diagnosis \ treatment of the workers and contact screening their family referral form/coupon
  2. Organize community activities including chest camps in technically appropriate locations for awareness and TB screening
  3. Capacity building /training of the doctor and paramedic of the industrial unit.

The (PPA) will

  1. Ensure strengthening of the TB case management by establishing referral linkage between (PPA) and NTP/PTP for diagnosis and management of Tb cases
  2. Support PTP to organize different awareness activities in schools and colleges
  3. Install billboard with TB messages to be placed at prominent places.
  4. Support bilateral experience exchanges through formal trainings, workshops, exchange visits and conferences at TB.

Duration or Term of Memorandum

This MOU shall be operative initially for a period of 3 (Three) year from date of its signing and there after extended for such further periods as may be mutually agrees upon from time to time by both parties in writing.

Financial Considerations

The entities acknowledge that all of any financial arrangements will depend upon the availability of fund